Welcome to Job ACTION!, the site dedicated to the unemployed, underemployed and the just plain fed up!  This site is different from most job hunting sites.  First of all, it’s entirely FREE for both job seeker and job posters, if the position being posted is for a cooperative (co-op) or collaborative business venture.  Any corporation can take on the characteristics of a cooperative by being run as a collaborative.  Co-op ventures are a special kind of partnership and involve 2 or more people working together to make a company that sells goods and/or services to consumers or other businesses.  This could be a restaurant, biotech firm, or anything you could possibly imagine!

Co-ops allow you to work as a team and (usually) provide for equal ownership and voting rights in the business.  Most states have established guidelines for how co-ops should be structured.  As you might expect, co-ops have a much lower failure rate than other business structures because the workers all have a true personal stake in the success of the venture.

If you’re not entirely familiar with the cooperative concept, we invite you to visit the RESOURCES page where you’ll discover an extensive array of information, that also includes a number of national organizations dedicated to the proliferation of co-ops.

The intent of Job ACTION! is to provide a dynamic meeting place for like-minded people to create business opportunities for themselves, earn a decent living, and invest in their future.   We’ve tried to make this as easy as possible by giving you the ability to register as a job creator or as a job seeker.  In addition, we urge you to check out the many forums to discuss business formations and exchange ideas.  Please be sure you attend a forum that serves your particular state or area of experience, or simply create your own topic!  To view the current job postings, click the Job Archive tab at the top of the page.

Job ACTION! encourages you to do business with co-ops when ever possible. To facilitate locating a co-op business near you, we’ve provided a DIRECTORY that you can search by location or service(s)/product(s) provided.  If you’re already part of a co-op and don’t see your company listed in the directory, then you should Join the Co-op Directory. It’s FREE!

We definitely want to hear from you and your successes as a result of Job ACTION!  We also value your opinion and if you have any comments or suggestions on how to improve the site, please use the comment block below or email support@jobaction.org.

Finally, we want to wish you luck and prosperity as you begin to take your first steps into your future and redefining the American adventure.

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